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White Paper “Big Data: Rethinking Text Visualization”

Abstract: Text visualization is most powerful when it supports understanding complex patterns in big data and support decision making. Statistical and machine learning techniques are used to find patterns and relationships that can then be visualized. Classification and clustering are two fundamental approaches in text analytics and the visualization of classified and clustered documents are thus two important visualization approaches. In this white paper – by CTO and Founder Dr. Anton Heijs – we discuss text visualization approaches and how these are important for text analytics as done with the KMX technology of Treparel.

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White Papers

  • White Paper: Big Data: Rethinking Text Visualization
  • White Paper: Knowledge Discovery from Patents using KMX Text Analytics

Research Papers

  • Research Paper: Content-based visualization of web search results
  • Research Paper: Least Square Projection – A fast high precision multidimensional projection technique and its application to document mapping

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