Online Webinars

Big Data Text and content analytics have become a source of competitive advantage, enabling business, government agencies, and researchers to extract unprecedented value from unstructured data. Treparel KMX provides an integrated platform meeting the needs of your information management professionals with a compelling value proposition. In our monthly Webinar we review the big data analytics hot topics and demonstrate KMX helping you to extract meaning out of large quantities of unstructured data by analyzing (or mining), interpreting, and structuring information to reveal hidden patterns and relationships.

1: Pre-recorded: When you prefer viewing a high level introduction. VIEW NOW

2: Live session KMX Patent and Text Analytics: Monday November 17, 16.00 CET. Register Now

3: Live session KMX Patent and Text Analytics: Wednesday November 19, 11.00 CET. Register Now

4: Private Session: Request your private webinar session Contact Us.

Attend a Treparel webinar to learn:

  • how you to use KMX Big Data Text Analytics software to gain faster, reliable, precise insights in large complex unstructured data sets
  • where KMX fits in to Big Data Text Analytics strategies
  • through a demonstration on a sample unstructured data set how KMX helps you to do advanced search, develop clusters, build classifiers and apply ranking to large volumes of unstructured data

Webinars can last 15 or 30 minutes up to 1 hour based on your questions and interests.

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