Research and Analytics Firm Evalueserve acquires Treparel

Acquisition of Treparel not only meets the increased demand for smart data analysis tools in Intellectual Property Research and Analytics.

Zurich/The Hague, May 4 2015

Global research, analytics, and data management services firm Evalueserve announced today the acquisition of Treparel, a leading provider of text analytics and visualization solutions based in the Netherlands.

“The acquisition of our strategic partner Treparel not only meets the increased demand for smart data analysis tools for data mining, text mining, and visualization in intellectual property research and analytics and R&D information, but also for other applications. Our clients will be able to gain faster, reliable, more precise insights from large complex unstructured data sets, allowing them to make better-informed decisions. We are excited to leverage Treparel’s analytics expertise and products to further enhance and complement our portfolio in IP and R&D solutions and other services” says Marc Vollenweider, CEO, Evalueserve.

Evalueserve will continue to develop and license Treparel’s unique text analytics platform KMX but also integrate KMX into the Evalueserve services portfolio. KMX helps users to cluster and accurately categorize collections of data. Its interactive visualization enables exploration of large data sets.

Evalueserve will add KMX to its Next Generation IP and R&D Dashboard, a multi-faceted platform that helps end-users in technology-focused organizations gain insights from big IP and R&D data. Evalueserve and Treparel had jointly developed the dashboard, which offers various collaboration and workflow functionalities such as charting, searching, data drilling, sharing, alerting, and building new data sets.

“We are excited to join Evalueserve, the world’s leading company in the domain of IP and R&D services. The collaboration will open up a much bigger market potential for our solutions and will give our experienced team the opportunity to work on analytical Big Data challenges of an impressive portfolio of international companies. Our clients and partners will benefit from an accelerated R&D roadmap driving enhancements and new solutions.” says Jeroen Kleinhoven, CEO of Treparel.

Evalueserve and Treparel plan to further develop their core product KMX and its applications in IP analytics and R&D information as well as in other fields such as Publishing and eDiscovery.

By integrating Treparel and its smart tools, Evalueserve meets the need of combining human expertise with best-in-class technology that uses smart algorithms to simplify key tasks. Evalueserve’s unique mind+machine approach enables to make processes faster and better for clients and helps them to become more efficient and profitable.

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About Evalueserve: Evalueserve is a global professional services provider offering research, analytics, and data management services. We’re powered by mind+machine – a unique combination of human expertise and best-in-class technologies that use smart algorithms to simplify key tasks. This approach enables us to design and manage processes that can generate and harness insights on a large scale, significantly cutting costs and timescales and helping businesses that partner with us to overtake the competition.

We work with clients across a wide range of industries and business functions, helping them to make better decisions faster; reach new levels of efficiency and effectiveness; and see a tangible impact on their top and bottom line.

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About Treparel: Treparel is a provider of KMX: a portfolio of text analytics and visualization solutions. Multinational IP driven organizations use KMX software to gain faster, reliable, precise insights in large complex unstructured data sets like patents, research literature, enterprise content, websites and email. Software developers and partners integrate the KMX API in their solutions. It provides them a scalable and modular clustering, machine learning based classification and visualization technology. The company was funded by Dutch growth investor TIIN Capital.

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