Chipworks demonstrate power of KMX on Intel Wireless IP portfolio

19 September, 2014

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The following post is featured on the Chipworks blog; it clearly demonstrates how KMX  can be used to automatically discover patterns in large sets of content, like patents.

Intel Builds Wireless IP with Powerwave Patents

Contributed by Ray Angers, Patent & Technology Specialist at Chipworks. 

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) strengthened its position in the mobile wireless technology space last week with the announcement that it will be acquiring 1,400 patents owned by Powerwave Technologies, Inc..  Powerwave, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2013, was a pioneer in telecommunications infrastructure products, including antennas and base stations according to Intel’s press release.  This continues the trend of Intel building IP in this area that started with the purchase of Infineon’s Wireless Solutions Unit for $1.4B back in January 2011, which gave them a sizable presence in the cellular baseband market and 4G LTE.  This was followed by the acquisition of 1,700 3G, 4G and 802.11 related technology patents from InterDigital, Inc. in June 2012, and Fujitsu Semiconductor Wireless Products division in July 2013.  Recalling the chip giant’s decision back in 2006 to sell its communications and application processor business to Marvell, these announcements represent Intel’s second foray into the wireless communications market.

So what do the Powerwave patents bring to the table for Intel?  

The figure below shows the landscape of Intel’s active US patent grants, each dot representing a single publication.  Patents are broadly classified according to technology types defined as process & packaging (yellow), systems (red), and circuit (blue).

Read the full article on the Chipworks blog.


KMX Landscape analysis of active US Patent Grants from Intel


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