Evalueserve and Treparel to Launch State-of-the-art IP Dashboard Tool

24 April, 2014

Evalueserve and Treparel to Launch State-of-the-art IP Dashboard Tool

Zurich/Delft: April 24, 2014

Global research and analytics company Evalueserve has set up a strategic partnership with Treparel, a leading developer of text analytics and visualization software, to develop and market a state-of-the-art IP dashboard tool; Next Generation IP Dashboard.

Next Generation IP Dashboard is designed to host and visualize all data formats. It offers various collaboration and workflow functionalities such as charting, searching, data drilling, sharing, alerting, and building new data sets.

evalueserve_logo“Over the past few years, we increasingly discovered that a good IP dashboard tool was unavailable in the market. Based on our clients’ input and our own experience, we designed a new dashboard concept that focuses on visualization, data drill down, and delivery of projects to end users in corporate IP and R&D organizations. We decided to partner with Treparel to leverage their expertise in text analytics and visualization. We are very excited to have this smart tool in our portfolio. Evalueserve sees a lot of potential in the collaboration with Treparel beyond this initial stage, especially when it comes to adding analytics functionalities to this tool,” says Urs Dommann, the head of Intellectual Property and R&D solutions at Evalueserve.


“Since our start multinational clients have been using our analytics platform for advanced IP search and discovery to gain competitive insights from big IP data. We are excited about the opportunity to bring our technology to a large audience in our partnership with Evalueserve, the worlds leading company in the domain of IP and R&D information services. We jointly developed Next Generation IP Dashboard, which will help revolutionize the way IP and R&D information is stored, accessed and analyzed. A typical IP end user will now have access to the best analytics tools along with search and visualization techniques that are specific to the demands of voluminous patent and technical literature analysis.” says Jeroen Kleinhoven, CEO of Treparel.

The Next Generation IP dashboard will be further developed with the key objectives of providing advanced text analytics by incorporating the KMX engine of Treparel and additional features based on client feedback.

About Evalueserve:

Evalueserve is a global specialist in knowledge processes with a team of more than 2,700 professionals worldwide.

Since its inception in 2000, Evalueserve has grown into one of the largest and most innovative service providers in the IP industry. From offering cost arbitrage for IP searches, we have developed into an expert knowledge partner in addressing our clients’ key challenges around IP and innovation processes. Evalueserve’s IP solutions incorporate multilingual and multi-disciplinary research methodologies enabling actionable intelligence for our clients.

For more information, please visit: http://ipsolutions.evalueserve.com

About Treparel:

Treparel (Delft, The Netherlands) is a provider of text analytics and visualization solutions. Multinational IP driven organizations use KMX software to gain faster, reliable, precise insights in large complex unstructured data sets like enterprise content, websites, email, patents or research literature.

A growing group of partners in IP & RD Services, Fraud Detection, eDiscovery and National Forensics are using the KMX API that provides them a scalable and modular clustering, machine learning based classification and visualization technology.

The SAAS solution is now available at an annual subscription fee.

Patinformatics-logoUpdate: Coverage on the launch and a first review of the NG IP Dashboard Tool on the blog of Patinformatics.

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