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12 September, 2014
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avangate_logoAvangate interviews Treparel CEO on Big Content trends and future directions

There’s so much buzz around Big Data – but how about Big Content? Surely, an up and coming area, getting sexier as usage cases expand. For example, you watch your sales drop in a certain region – it’s good that you’re tracking, but the next more important step is to understand why they dropped, and – even more importantly – what you are going to do about it.

This is where Big Content comes in, helping you understand patterns and connections between complaints and the sales drop. And this is just one example.

Crossing over to the vendor side, you have Big Content – how do you sell it? How do you monetize it? As is the case with many other software verticals, Big Content buyers want to try before they buy and want to pay with subscriptions to avoid high upfront costs.

Avangate, commerce provider for software and online services companies, has recently spoken to Jeroen Kleinhoven, CEO of Treparel, to understand more about Big Content, its applications and some predictions for the future.

Avangate: So, Jeroen, tell us about Big Content and what it means for Treparel.

JK: To start, let me give you some quick background info: content (unstructured data) represents almost 80% of the data within an organization, so quite a big percentage. Still, with the help of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics tools, most companies are focusing on analyzing, reporting on and visualizing structured data (financial data), essentially tackling just 20% of the enterprise data and neglecting the remaining 80%.

However, usage cases are endless. For example, if you notice – using a BI tool – that your revenue has dropped in a particular region, then Content Analytics can show you how many client complaints were filed (call center data, comments on community reviews, etc.)  and the overall nature of these complaints.

The convergence of the two specific technologies – BI and Big Content-, together with Enterprise Search, is, according to IDC, the ultimate decision support solution for an organization.

Also, in its July 2014 edition of the “Emerging Technologies’ Hype Cycle” Gartner predicts that mainstream adoption of Content Analytics is just 2 to 5 years away and mainstream adoption of Big Data is over 5 to 10 years away. Hopefully this tells you something about the importance of Big Content.

So at Treparel (Delft, The Netherlands), we offer a service called KMX Big Content Analytics and Visualization solutions for organizations in private and public sectors to gain faster, more reliable, and more precise insights into large complex enterprise content, websites, email, patents and research literature. Basically, on unstructured data.

Read the full Interview on the Avangate blog.

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