Text Analytics

Text Analytics: Cluster, Classify & Visualize

KMX Text Analytics provides ad hoc access to explore through large sets of text and content. It does not require schema’s or pre-structured repots. Instead, KMX extracts the elements of meaning from documents and other unstructured data sources and combines it at query or search time. In short KMX:

  • helps to disambiguate terms by using each term’s context
  • is language-based or meaning-based so it can understand the meaning of a query, document, phrase, paragraph
  • is designed for instant and limited human user interaction (machine learning)
  • supports fuzzy or probabilistic matching to find relevant documents that exact matching miss
  • can work with knowledge bases that include dictionaries for meaning like taxonomies or ontologies or that can help you to extract such knowledge bases by extracting entities from the text corpus
  • supports exploration or sorting a large set of potentially relevant information by the use of relevance ranking, automatic clustering, machine learning based categorization, faceted search, interactive visualizations
  • that provides data discovery through an intuitive interface to help users to explore data without much training

Ease of Use – Easy to Deploy

Treparel KMX was created in close collaboration with high-demanding professionals in major multinationals. KMX supports the workflow of the professional in his or her work environment. The platform is easily installed and maintained and after a short training, KMX provides an easy and intuitive interface that will lead to more productivity and a more efficient work process.

KMX is built for 2 types of organisations:

  1. End Users: Use the KMX Client and/or Server version. Buy – Download – Install – Start to Cluster, Classifiy, Analyse, Visualize and Present large sets of content.
  2. Partners: A growing group of partners (some of them had text mining expertise or even solutions before) are using our KMX RESTful API in their solutions for industries or line-of-business applications like:

Key Benefits

The key functional benefits from working with the KMX are:

  1. Automation KMX fully automates a manual process in text analytics
  2. Efficient Only a fraction of the document set is delivered to user, avoiding noise in the results
  3. Reuse Once generated Classifiers (automated models) can be reapplied to future searches
  4. Sharing Various sharing options between users for Classifiers (models) and Output (visualizations, reports)
  5. Coverage Relevance ranking allows broader initial result set.
  6. Quality high Precision and Recall of KMX support delivering the right result set to the user
  7. Seamless KMX integrates into your current processes or applications


KMX Text Analytics Sample 1

Unsupervised (Clustering) and Supervised (Classification) Analytics in one screen

Review and Cross Validate results with advanced performance tools

Review and Cross Validate results with advanced performance tools


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