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Manage your IP value

We’ve achieved 90% time savings by speeding up a large volume patent search from 2 days to 2 hours using KMX technology (IP Analyst, Big Pharma)

In today’s economy IP and Patent have become essential to drive innnovation and maintain a competitive edge in multiple industries. The creation and maintenance of your IP comes at a high price making it essential to continously optimize the ROI of your IP portfolio. This provides market protection and generation revenue.

Less Seeking, More Finding

IP Search & Discovery Analysts (at Treparel we call them Information Creators) are under immens pressure to deliver more and many types of analysis. In the old days the use of query based (mainly manual) search approaches was the standard. Increased demand from business users (Information Consumers), growth of data sources and modern technologies like KMX Patent Analytics allow you to work with a rich application full of functions to perform all kinds of analysis. The software is not just automating a manual  search proces, it also adds a lot more functionality to help you to weed out large volumes of text. It gives you the documents that you would have missed manually. In essence it:

  • speeds up time spent on search and discovery cases
  • limits failures or missing documents
  • rapidly supports visualizing data collections.

Each user works with KMX in it’s own preferred way, based on their business specific IP intelligence needs.

The KMX Patent Analytics suite was developed with one purpose in mind:

Support Information Professionals in all aspects of their work; choosing the right information out of all document resources available, analyze the information and communicate the results.

The KMX Patent Analytics suite is developed in close cooperation with demanding users in major multinationals and supports the workflow of the professional in its daily work environment. KMX Patent Analytics is available for different types of Information Specialists from independent Information Consultants and Analysts up to to Multinational IP & Information Management departments.

KMX Patent Analytics delivers fast and powerful analytics, clear visual insights and advanced management reporting tools for IP information professionals.

KMX Patent Analytics is designed to be used by information consumers and search professionals in High Tech (electronics, semiconductors), Heavy Industries, Chemical, Energy & Oil, Construction and Finance (for instance for competitive IP & Patent landscaping for investment managers).

Binary classification, using an SVM can be a powerful tool for prioritizing patents within a larger collection of documents. One of the best aspects of this method is that the classifiers, once created, can be reapplied to other collections, including classifying new documents that publish on a weekly basis. In this fashion, measures can be taken to maximize recall when searching, and then focus on precision, in a second step, using a classifier (PatInformatics, Anthony Trippe – August 2013).

Integrated IP Search – Discover – Monitor

KMX offers professional search departments and it’s (internal) customers a automated and advanced platform to perform key search, discovery and analytical tasks  including:

Finding limited (or 1) patents

  • Patentability search: Given one patent application determine the novelty.
  • Opposition search: identify public literature (patent or non-patent) and show a lack of novelty (aka invalidity search) of one patent.
  • Due diligence search: analyze key strengths and weaknesses and the scope of a patent.
  • Misc searches: patent family, legal status, citing references etc.

Finding all relevant patents

  • State of the art search: Identify all relevant patents for the purpose of general technology review by a landscaping analysis
  • Novelty search: Identify all relevant patents and non-patents which may affect patentability of an idea/invention (analysis done before drafting and filling the patent)
  • Freedom to Operate search: identify all relevant patents or non patent literature which cover a product or process idea that one wants to work-out
  • Infringement search: identify all relevant patents which cover your product or process and are still in force.
  • Collections: Collect prior art in a particular area (often conducted using selected or pre-built patent classifications).
  • Scientific / Business: Identify financial organizational, statistical, commercial and other information.
  • Voice of Customer: Research into specific questions asked by customers.

Monitor, Map & Enrich IP

  • Patent Watch/Technology Update: Monitor latest technology developments by subject (using Alerts)
  • Patent Map: Show patent landscapes to uncover trends, gaps or overlap
  • Co-occurence analysis: search for semantic similarity where a set of terms (or documents) have a similar meaning (or semantic content) according to a list of terms.
  • Semantic enrichment: Find in a set of relevant documents the most important annotations/words that characterize these documents
  • Thesauri creation: Group, edit and export terms from a set of documents that have similar meaning.
KMX Patent Analytics enables companies to do:

IP Landscaping
Patent Ranking
IP Portfolio Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Advanced Search & Discovery
Patent & Research Watch
IP Benchmarking



KMX is optimized for :

IP & Patent Executives
IP Portfolio Managers
Patent Councils & Attorneys
IP Searchers
IP Advisors
Information Analysts
Solutions and Software providers
IP & Knowledge Process Outsourcers
Publishers & Patent Data Service providers

Acquire, Model & Adapt IP

KMX Patent Analytics delivers fast and powerful analytics, clear visual insights and advanced management support for IP information professionals. KMX Patent Analytics support the daily workflow of IP search & discovery professionals from independent consultants up to multinational IP & Business Intelligence teams.

The intuitive end-user interface empowers users to Acquire, Model and Adapt IP:

  • information to R&D departments to decide on development strategies
  • insights in patent portfolios to optimize value from licensing in and out
  • competitive analysis in patent portfolio changes

Download: Factsheet – Treparel KMX Patent Analytics solution


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