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Through its roots in working with multi national clients in Intellectual Property & Patents, our KMX technology  has gained extensive functionality to analyze and visualize complex and large datasources in patents and non-patent literature. This experience has been translated in to a gold plated content analytics platform KMX.

Text and Content analytics are maturing as unified information applications and beginning to deliver substantial return on investment (ROI) in a growing number of application areas.

KMX is an outstandingly open, scalable and modular platform providing Unsupervised Analytics by fast data clustering and User Supervised Analytics through Machine Learning powered Categorization / Classification.

Built your Information Application

Enterprises, government bodies, software providers and engineers can develop their InfoApps with KMX Inside to be used in a wide range of industries including, eDiscovery, IP Analytics, Media & Publishing, Law & Legislation, Government, Intelligence, Fraud Detection and Finance.

Use the KMX API  to enhance eDiscovery solutions, Enterprise Content Management suites, Business Process Management systems, Business Intelligence applications, Critical Event Processing programs, Content Delivery Applications or Search-Based Applications like Microsoft Sharepoint.

The core value for both type of users remains the same: enabling you to analyze large complex unstructured data sets to understand how to use knowledge gained and to turn insights in to ROI.

Solution areas for applying KMX


Business problem


IP & Patent Discovery  How to improve the time-consuming and costly manual search-process of patents. Reduce research time, improve precision & recall of relevant documents. Improve legal position and drive more revenue from IP.
eDiscovery  How to manage and mitigate general litigation risk and cost. Text analytics applied to
e-discovery helps  “producing” materials relevant to lawsuits, given huge volumes of electronically stored information generated in the course of business.
Healthcare   How to identify health risks and find correlations in deceases or medical defects. Early identification on health risks by cross-discipline analyses on medical records, clinical observations and medical images.
Legal & Litigation  How to manage and mitigate general litigation risk and cost. Text analytics applied to
ediscovery in laws and jurisprudence lowers cost and
improves accuracy in legal cases.
Voice of Customer How to manage current and future customers and their interactions through sentiment analysis Deriving sentiment from critical customer-based text sources can drive revenue, satisfaction and loyalty
HR & Recruitment How to recruit top talent and how to manage communications and interactions with employees and managers Analyzing large quantities of CVs or analyse HR-related information for trends and sentiment that enables a proactive approach recruitment and resolving issues in the workforce.Match market demand to your knowledge workers experience and resumes.
Terrorist Detection  How to detect suspicious behavior by analyzing patterns of unusual activity Efficiently “inspect” suspicious cargo without having to deploy an even larger army of inspectors at ports all around the country
Fraud Analysis How to identify fraud by analyzing accident reports and submitted claims to spot fraud networks Organize disparate information, such as claims text fields, which contain critical data that would otherwise be hidden or difficult to aggregate
Market Research How to hear and understand market voices and identify new trends and directions? Increase speed, lower costs and imporve predictability from surveys through text analytics for next-generation market research.
Advertising & SEO How to benefit from opportunities in the targetted advertising revolution? Increase your rewards from Online and social advertising by targeting campaigns to behaviors, user profiles, context and inferred intent. And learn how you and your competition (SEO ranking) is performing online.
Predictive Analysis  How to identify early signs of required maintenance that affect customer satisfaction and operational costs Use customer satisfaction surveys on quality to identify manufacturing plants requiring maintenance tune-ups


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