Content Dashboard

Content Dashboard: Search, Present, Visualize & Share

Our ease-of-use SAAS based platform allows large groups of Information Consumers to search, present, visualize and share content or text from in and outside the organisation.

The Content Dashboard is a content type agnostic platform to offer larger groups of users – information consumers – a Search-Driven application with consolidated access to large sets of content with Excel styled charting, interactive – drill down – visualizations,  sharing and custom alerting of enterprise content like Research literature, Patents, PDF’s, emails, websites or from your Content Management System.

By it’s integration with KMX Text Analytics data experts – Information creators – can curate, consolidate, index and upload the data to the Content Dashboard on a regular basis.

Key Benefits

The key functionalities from working with the Content Dashboard:

  • Widget based landing page for direct access to relevant project or department based content
  • Access for users to single or multiple content portfolios
  • Advanced, dynamic, interactive and customizable visualization and charting of content
  • Advanced, multi-field searching within the data
  • Detailed search history allowing editing and Boolean combination of search queries
  • Custom alerting on changes/ updates to data, based on user-selectable parameter
  • Exporting of data/ charts individually or in bulk
  • Filtering/ browsing through data based on taxonomy, bibliographic parameters or text queries.
  • Commenting, analysing, reviewing and sharing of data.
  • Customizable user level access roles/ rights for each user.
  • The Content Dashboard can be accessed through all modern Browsers.

Treparel provides customization and integration support for the Content Dashboard through selected partners.

Intellectual Property and R&D Dashboard

IP and R&D organisations can directly work with the client ready IP Dashboard solution co-developed with our partner Evalueserve.

The IP Dashboard provides information professional to deliver IP and R&D search and analytics projects to their internal clients. It contains searchable patent and scientific literature data consolidated and displayed in web-browser viewable form. The dashboard allows access to multiple users within the client and includes advanced visualization of data, commenting, sharing and custom alerting of information that is uploaded and maintained by the internal team on a regular basis. For more information contact us.

There is recorded demonstration available here.


Content Dashboard sample1 Landing Page

Landing Page view

Content Dashboard sample2 Content Browser

All Records View – Browse, Highlight, Comment

Visualization View: Chart, Visualize & Drill Down Analysis

Visualization View: Chart, Visualize & Drill Down Analysis


The platform has been designed to be able to accommodate large numbers of documents, and any number of users and projects.

Content Dashboard can be deployed to any collection of Linux machines, either on-premises or with a data center or cloud provider. Each instance supports user, project and client-based permissions, enabling us to host multiple clients on a single installation of that is required, although our preference is for an instance per multi-project client. In terms of scalability, the total number of documents for an instance is a determining factor. The larger this corpus, the longer the system takes to index that corpus and serve up up to date search results.

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