Embedded Partner

Embedded partners use KMX inside their solutions

The Treparel Embedded Partner program supports software application providers to enrich their product with ‘KMX Inside’. Embedded partners can build in the advanced KMX Text Analytics function in to their current application and market a bundled license to a specific vertical market or geographical territory.

The OEM version of KMX includes the full richness of the KMX API including:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Language Independence
  • Automated tagging, categorizing and hyperlinking
  • Automated model generation
  • Automated model scoring
  • Automated model visualization
  • Fast in-database deployment
  • Scaleable cloud ready architecture
The Treparel Embedded Partner program include:
  • KMX Application API ™An API that allows partners to customize KMX according to their clients requirements
  • Online Knowledge Library  access
  • Training & Support Treparel provides training and 24/7 support to Embedded partners.

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