Built on KMX

Software Provider, Publisher, Content Manager?

KMX – through it’s Restful API – is an outstandingly open, scalable and modular technology that makes it easy for developers, publishers and curators to automate content operations, increase the value of content and drive reader engagement. 

Do you process large volumes of content?

If you do – the Treparel team wants to work with you to incorporate KMX  functionality in your solutions. We’re open to a variety of models from supporting your technical development efforts with 1:1 consulting through shared development projects. 

Why KMX is relevant?

KMX can enhance the search and discovery process of your users, it enriches your explore with state-of-the are machine learning based analytics to explore revealed content faster and deeper, it increases the user experience by adding intuitive visual analytics and it will drastically shorten your time-to-market for the content managed or processed by your solutions. 

You can use KMX to organize information, improve search, implement intuitive navigation or enable knowledge discovery. 

Stay ahead!

Partner with Treparel and you benefit from current and new innovations in text analytics and visualization without the need to spend costly time in researching and optimizing open source alternatives. We have done that for you.

Start the Experiment

Software Providers, Publishers and Content Managers are a big category – and we can’t suggest specific applications for the software world as a whole. What we do suggest is getting the conversation started. Drop us a note at the contact page, let us know what you’re thinking about and we’ll start talking.

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