Built on KMX

Information Applications using KMX

KMX – through it’s Restful API – is an outstandingly open, scalable and modular platform providing Unsupervised Analytics by fast data clustering and User Supervised Analytics through Machine Learning powered Categorization / Classification. Applications that can be boosted by embedding KMX include:

  • Information access, management and analysis platforms
  • Analytical Applications
  • Content-based Dashboards
  • Unified Information Platforms (integrate with Business Intelligence)
  • Knowledge Discovery Applications
  • Search-Based Applications
  • Entity Extraction (for auto creation of Taxonomies, Ontologies or Thesauri)
  • Advanced Visualizations
  • Text Disambiguation
  • Data Enrichment
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis

Benefits when you built on KMX

  • Enhance - The search and discovery process of your users by offering dynamic visual analytical capabilities
  • Enrich – Support users to be more efficient in finding the most relevant information in an intuitive visual way.
  • Retain – Improve user satisfaction by adding advanced visual analytics to drive higher retention.
  • Collaborate – Share predefined classification scheme’s (Classifiers) or visual results with multiple users or run them automatically.
  • Time-to-Market - Simple and quick installation with support for adapting configuration settings.
  • Alerting - Run Automated classifiers on incoming new data to determine the relevant documents
  • Manage results Automatic Cross validation by measuring the precision and recall of the results set
  • Grow – Up sell / Cross sell advanced analytical functions to users
  • Language independent – Search and analyze multiple languages
  • Stay ahead – By partnering with Treparel you will continue to benefit from current and new innovations in text analytics and visualization.

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