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Turn Big Data into Business Insights. KMX is big data text analytics and visualization software, made easy.

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We are ready to offer you a 30-day evaluation license for KMX Professional User edition.

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Buy KMX now and start working with its world class Clustering, (SVM based) Classification and Visualization functionalities today! Treparel offers licenses to be purchased online for 2 type of users.

Run KMX on your laptop, run it in your datacenter or let us host it in the cloud. For enterprise use KMX is ready to deploy for two different type of users.


Professional User

The most popular version of KMX. A leading independent market analyst recently named it  ‘a gold plated classification and clustering workbench’. The Professional User includes

  • Text and Content Importers (standard CSV, TXT) for Patents, Email, Blogs, Social Media CMS, etc.
  • Text preprocessing: Indexing, Stemming, Tokenization, Stopwords list editing, Multi language word lists,
  • Unsupervised Analytics: advanced visual Clustering
  • User Supervised Analytics: Machine Learning based Categorization/Classification (SVM based)
  • Performance measurement: Integrated tools to optimize analysis, results incl. Precision & Recall (Assisted Classifier Performance Tuning)
  • Advanced Visualizations: Landscapes, ROC plots, Treemaps, graphs and charts
  • Desktop installation (we recommend as a minimum: Windows 7 64-bit, > 4 GB RAM, > 500 MB disk space).

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group_smlGroup User

The KMX Professional User on steroids. Run your analysis on a server or in a private cloud. Share Content, Pre defined Classifiers or Result sets with a group of users. The Group User includes all the features of the KMX Professional User as well as:

  • Collaboration & sharing of Classifiers and Results sets
  • Automated backup
  • User management
  • Server installation (On-premise or remote/hosted or Cloud)

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Independent consultant or Researcher?


Why the hassle to get an Open Source based Support Vector Machine based technology delivering a poor Precision and Recall with massive training data sets? We have done the hard work that resulted in a gold platted classification and clustering workbench (not our words, but industry analysts)You can start using it today!

Independent User

The Independent User is a low entry – easy access annual license for independent analysts, consultants or scientists.  It includes all the features of the KMX Professional User.

  • Available for companies with annual revenues not exceeding US$ 25m
  • Subscription license, per Named User

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Academic User


Academic scientists and Institutions can purchase KMX for research and educational purposes. The Academic User includes all the features of the KMX Professional User.

  • Only available for academic scientists and universities
  • Not for commercial use (Your E-mail when ordering must be in the Academic Institutions domain name. (No public e-mail service such as gmail, yahoo)
  • Subscription license, per Named User
  • Now available: Academic User Team offering (package of 5 users)

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Classification Batch Serverserver_sml

Perform large scale processing of big data volumes of unstructured data in batch on multiple nodes. Automatically runs pre-defined KMX Classifiers on new data sets to explore changes and report them to users. Contact us for information about functionality and pricing of the Classification Batch Server.

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Treparel provides web training by one of our team members on-demand to help you to familiarize yourself with working with KMX. The web training is split up in 2 session of 1 hour. (more users can attend)

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On-premise training

Contact us for more information about class room training on-site.

Developer API

Contact us when you are a Developer or software provider that wants to use the KMX API.

Learn more about licensing

  • Product Data sheet with 1 page overview of core functions Professional, Group and Embedded User licenses
  • Software updates and telephone/Email support included for the duration of the purchased period
  • End-User License Agreement: EULA-Commercial (pdf)
  • Software available for download after your purchase (you will receive a download link)
  • Recommended minimum configuration: Windows 7 64-bit, > 4 GB RAM, > 500 MB disk space
  • Supported OS: 32 bit: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 / 64 bit: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8
  • Licenses available for Enterprises or OEM partners including perpetual, capacity or performance based. For more info please use the contact form.

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