Functional Benefits

“Treparel’s KMX’s visualization capabilities around its autocategorization and clustering offer immediate insight into unstructured data sets and appear to be  adaptable and customizable to customer needs. Its approach to autocategorization utilizes statistical principles and machine learning that require significantly less training and tuning on the part of customers than other approaches.” IDC, David Schubmehl (October 2012)

More often, Text Analytic functionality is becoming a essential, daily, life tool for information consumers, business analysts and managers in marketing, communications, research, and commerce.

Industry Thought Leaders and Analysts on Text Analytics

While the data grows in Volume, Velocity, Variety and Complexity getting access to the right information – on the right time, in the right context – is becoming a source of competitive advantage. However there is another paradox: to be able to find these patterns (or undiscovered gold) in the unstructured data the number of (human) specialised resources are decreasing.  We call this the Big Data Fact Gap.

With Treparel KMX you facilitate Information Professionals with the tools that will not only deliver them access to information but offer the capacity to recognize patterns, to grasp context, to infer meaning with the ability to create and apply models.

Acquire Text

  • Use the standard file importers for formats like XLS, CSV, XML
  • Directly query data using native connections to data providers like OPS, CLAIMS Direct, Customer SOLR, NLM PubMed, PLoS and The Guardian

Model & Analyse

  • Get quick insights through a best-in-class search workflow and automated annotation
  • Enhance the discovery process by using dynamic hierarchical views in the search results delivering automated visual clusters of information
  • Focus on high-interest subjects with visual filtering
  • Discover serendipity: unexpected trends, patterns and relationships
  • Quickly categorize the large data by developing and applying your personal classification scheme
  • Use brushing to visually train the software with small sample sets for automatic analysis (patent-pending technology)

Adapt & Output

  • Display the data sets through advanced visualizations incl. landscapes, document similarity, frequency distribution, classification scores
  • Export the data result sets like ranked document lists, labelled lists, enriched data
  • Extract terms from documents to build a thesaurus for semantic analysis
  • Share the results in a web browser, in a Word file, or as Excel sheet
  • Use auto reporting for scheduling to larger group of business users

Manage & Collaborate

  • Cross validate by measuring the precision and recall of the results set
  • Improve categorization performance using assisted tuning of document labeling
  • Tag, annotate and rank the results to improve relevance
  • Collaborate and cooperate with other users by sharing result sets, visualizations and analysis models (KMX Classifiers)
  • Balance compute power and batch scheduling for up to millions of documents
  • Manage users and schedule automated backups Monitoring and alerting on relevant new documents

Value from Text with KMX

Text Analytics for Anyone and Everyone – Intuitive to use and learn. Designed for every user: business (info consumers) and scientific (info creators).

Instant Business Insights – Explore all of your unstructured data (text, blogs, email, patents) without limits.

Rapid Time to Value – Adaptable and customizable to users needs. No implementation or extensive and expensive modelling or development. Significant less training and tuning.

Any size deployment – Meets every business need from a single user to large multilevel type user groups.

Language independent – Search and analyze most of the world’s languages using machine translation.

Any kind or deployment – Use it from your desktop or in a – private – cloud. Buy the software-as-a-service or get the output-as-a-service.

Enterprise-proven, IP & IT friendly – Successfully delivering value to IP, business and markets in multinational companies.

Integration – Use the KMX API to increase the value of unstructured data in other software applications.

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