Big Data Text Analytics

Unlock Big Content: a Source of Competitive Advantage

Content and Text Analytics have become a source of competitive advantage, enabling business, government agencies, and researchers to extract the help book report unprecedented value from unstructured data.

Combining the scaling capacity of cloud computing with the near-realtime information access of enterprise search, and the ability to explore knowledge using text analytics, provides a streamlined entry into the big data realm while still supporting the full search, discover and analyze life cycle.

Analytics everywhere on all types of – structured and unstructured – data and at the point of decision will put analytics at the center of enterprise strategies and architectures. Technology to store and manage information that is structured make it possible to find and analyse all type of information that is part of a number. Such Business Intelligence technologies will return gwriters erfahrung results from a database or data-warehouse quickly when it match an exact query as long as it matches the predetermined schema.

Unstructured information – text and content – is not amenable to this approach.

Search-Driven Applications or Unified Information Management applications identify and extract meaningful elements – words, phrases, concepts, metadata – in documents and other data sources, and then create an index or clustering of all of those extracted elements. A list of terms in an index is not organized into predefined schemas. At query time, the index finds and returns any documents that contain some or all of the terms matching the search string.

Text, documents and images provide context and meaning through their surrounding words, phrases or paragraphs. Treparel offers technology meeting the needs of information management professionals with a compelling value proposition.

Content Dashboard (for Information Consumers)

Our ease-of-use SAAS based platform allowing large groups of Information Consumers to search, present, visualize and share content or text from in and outside the organisation.

Text Analytics (for Information Creators)

KMX is our advanced text mining technology for Information Creators (or Data Scientists) to extract meaning out of large quantities of unstructured data by analyzing (Clustering), interpreting, and structuring (Classification) information to reveal hidden patterns and relationships. From KMX you can directly publish the results in to the Content Dashboard.

Benefits from Big Content

Benefits you will gain when working with Treparel and our technology:

  • Our technology is used, and co-developed, by the world’s most demanding organisations in private and public sector, daily.
  • Creating structured data from unstructured formats (text, images, graphs, sentiments) for routing information to other applications (CMS, BPMS, CEP, other line-of-business applications)
  • Displaying & Visualizing information
  • Populating information-retrieval systems
  • Navigating information
  • Providing datasets for predictive modeling
  • Treparel was build upon over twenty years of experience in building applications in text mining, enterprise search and visualisation of large scale data sets.

With the technology and expertise from Treparel you can turn your Big Content in to Business Insights.

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